2004 Heifers

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Rafter H Longhorns in now on its third crop of Emperor's Echo calves.   We retained every heifer from his first crop of heifers that started in September 2002.  The older of this first crop have just now had their first calves (see 2005 Heifers).  We are not going to be able to retain all of these heifers.  Some of them will need to move on to other pastures.  Give us a call or e-mail for further information.  Below is an overview of our 2004 heifers.  

Tiffany 6-19-05.jpg (69341 bytes) Name: RHL Turbo's Tiffany

DOB: Jan. 17, 2004 

Sire: Turbo Jet 
Dam: Morgana Le Fay 

A very nice heifer out of a young heifer from Fehu Cattle Services.
Millenium Futurity Eligible.  Bred to Emperor's Echo for a March
2006 calf. 

Picture: June 19, 2005


Patience 6-19-05.jpg (44418 bytes) Name:  RHL Patience

DOB: March 10, 2005 

Sire: Emperor's Echo
Dam: RHL Hitter Miss 

Picture: June 19, 2005

Patience is a large-framed growthy heifer out of our young Heavy Hitter daughter who had 50" of flat twist horns at just over 3 years of age.  It is clear that Patience is also going to have twist horns that are longer than her dam and will grow into a spectacular cow.  Patience weighed 858 lbs at 14 mo. of age and had 30" TTT horns whose growth in just now taking off!  Bred to Refuge Chex for a March 2006 calf.

Not for sale at this time.

Stella 6-19-05b.jpg (38718 bytes) Name:  RHL Echo's Estrellita

DOB: March 10, 2004 

Sire: Emperor's Echo
Dam: RHL Max's Millenium 

Picture: June 15, 2005

"Stella" is growing into a fine young heifer.  Her dam is a colorful spotted Parker-brown cow with over 60" of total horn.   She is being bred to Refuge Chex for March 2006 calf.

Elena 6-19-05.jpg (46252 bytes) Name:  RHL Echo's Elena

DOB: March 21, 2004 

Sire: Emperor's Echo
Dam: Lena Horne 59 

Picture: June 19, 2005

Elena is a granddaughter of Delta Cherry (out of Emperor and a Monarch daughter, Delta Ellen. Note her depth of body and muscling. 

Horns over 30" at 14 months.  Bred to Refuge Chex for a March 2006 calf.

Keeping as a replacement heifer.

Angelina 6-19-05.jpg (59336 bytes) Name: RHL Echo's Angelina

DOB: March 21, 2004 

Sire: Emperor's Echo 
Dam: B/B Lonely Angel

Picture: June 19, 2005

Angelina is out of Laura's Gold Merit heifer, a B/B Lonely Rebel daughter, from Sherman Boyles. She is a striking dark walnut (maroon?) color with black outlines around eyes.   Bred to Refuge Chex for a March 2006 calf.

Lindy 6-19-05.jpg (69485 bytes) Name: RHL Cielito Lindo

DOB: May 1, 2004 

Sire: Emperor's Echo
Dam: Heaven's Gait 

Picture: June 19, 2005

"Lindy" is out of a WR Trails daughter that has given us three consecutive "keeper" heifers.



Manzanita 6-22-05.jpg (68560 bytes)

Name: RHL Echo's Manzanita            

DOB: October 31, 2004 

Sire: Emperor's Echo 
Dam: GF Candy Apple 

Picture: June 22, 2005
"Mazie" is the 4th consecutive heifer out of GF Candy Apple.  Note the topline and length of body. 

Claravista 6-19-05.jpg (57206 bytes) Name: RHL Claravista                   

DOB: August 1, 2004 

Sire: DH Mr. Vision 
Dam: B-Bar-D Miss Kim

Picture: June 19, 2005.

Claravista was purchased as a calf at side of her dam, a very nice Tri-W Broken Arrow daughter.  She is obviously going to have flat twist horns.

Sonatina 6-19-05.jpg (55976 bytes) Name:  RHL Echo's Sonatina

DOB: September 8, 2004

Sire: Emperor's Echo
Dam: Serenade 53/8 

Picture: May 8, 2005

A very nice granddaughter of Senaranger.  She was our Class Champion in Class 1 at many 2005 shows. 

Not for sale at this time.

Esperanza 6-19-05.jpg (57302 bytes) Name:  RHL Echo's Esperanza

DOB: Oct. 6, 2004

Sire: Emperor's Echo
Dam: Spicy Hope 404

Picture: June 19, 2005

Note the 'phenomenal' color and depth of body.  Her dam is a Phenomenon granddaughter who also is a 'paint' with over 76" total horn. 

La Reina Blanca 6-19-05.jpg (59269 bytes) Name: RHL La Reina Blanca

DOB: Oct. 15, 2004 

Sire: FCF His Majesty 
Dam: Sunrise Sorceress

Picture: June 19, 2005

A growthy Monarch granddaughter out of Laura's Grand Champion heifer, Sunrise Sorceress.

Melody 6-22-05.jpg (58167 bytes) Name: RHL Melody R'ex

DOB: December 14, 2004

Sire: Refuge Chex
Dam: Mel's Memory

Picture: June 22, 2005

Melody is out of Mel's Memory, an El Presidente daughter purchased from El Coyote Ranch at the same time we purchased Refuge Chex as our second herd sire.  She was bred at the time of purchase, so this is our first Refuge Chex calf.  She is developing very nicely.  Mel's Memory won the oldest heifer class at the 2004 Winchester Futurity, was Grand Champion Non-haltered Female at the 2005 San Antonio Livestock Show, and won her non-haltered open class at the 2005 World Show.

Not for sale at this time.

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