On this page we are featuring a few young bull calves that are strong future herd sires or steer prospects.   Some of these calves are out of our long-horned big-bodied Coach son, Refuge Chex. Give us a call or send an e-mail if you'd like more information about any of these calves.

Bandito 6-20-05.jpg (64662 bytes) Name: RHL Bandito R'ex

DOB: May 16, 2005 

Sire: Refuge Chex 

Dam: SW Oklahoma Jezebel
A spectacular Phenomenon granddaughter
out of Shady Lady.

Picture:   June 20, 2005

Very attractive bull calf with a lacey face.
Look for him on the show circuit

Price: $1000

Manchado 7-22-24.jpg (76013 bytes) Name: RHL Manchado R'ex

DOB: April 22, 2005 

Sire: Refuge Chex 

Dam: RHL Echo's Confetti
A red-roan Echo Daughter.

Picture:   June 5, 2005

Will turn into a dark red-roan.

Price: $750

Quicksilver 7-22-05.jpg (42022 bytes) Name: RHL Quicksilver

DOB: May 22, 2005 

Sire: Dixie Goer 

Dam: SR Sterling's Squeaky Gal
A bib-horned JK Sterling daughter.

Picture:   July 22, 2005

Very muscular bull calf.

Price: $750

Valentino 5-8-05.jpg (51269 bytes) Name: RHL Valentino

DOB: March 3, 2004 

Sire: Emperor's Echo 

Dam: Valentine 219
A full Butler cow donated to Laura by Frank

Picture:   May 8, 2005

This half-Butler bull is very smooth and correct.
LEASED to Fehu Cattle Services for first-calf heifers.

Recent Bull Sales

Bluegrass 4-12-04.jpg (32330 bytes) Name: RHL Echo's Bluegrass

DOB: Sept. 26, 2002 

Sire: Emperor's Echo 

Dam: Serenade 53/8
A black Headliner daughter out of Senaranger
(over 60" horns TTT).

  Horn: 42.25" on 7/13/04

Picture: April 12, 2004

Both granddams have over 60" of TTT horn! 

Bluegrass was sold at 2004 Best of Texas Sale.  
Austin and Susan Young will be using him on their set
of cows at Cat Spring Farm.   We look forward to
seeing his offspring.

Bingo Bongo 5-18-04.jpg (30983 bytes) Name: RHL Lib's Echo

DOB: January 31, 2004 

Sire: Emperor's Echo 

Dam: RCR Bingo Libby
A big-bodied black and white Country
Liberator daughter!

Picture: May 18, 2004 
Very stout bull calf that shows increased
muscling each month.  Double-bred

SOLD in July 2004 to LaVern Pfeiffer as
show calf.

Blue Sky 12-28-04.jpg (50199 bytes) Name: RHL Blue Sky

DOB: January 1, 2004 

Sire: Emperor's Echo 

Dam: RHL My Blue Heaven
A black and white Abraham granddaughter
out of a WR Trails daughter.

Picture: Dec. 28, 2004 

SOLD to Neil, Cathy, and Destini Rice.

This January 2004 bull is going to have a lot of lateral horn.   Twist-horn genetics on both sides.  Great depth of body and muscling.

Arrowhead 4-23-05.jpg (72908 bytes) Name: RHL Echo's Arrowhead

DOB: January 1, 2004 

Sire: Emperor's Echo 

Dam: Friday Night Baby
A dark red Tri-W-Broken Arrow
daughter with flat twist horns!

Picture:   April 23, 2005

Very muscular and deep-bodied.
Double-bred Tri-W Broken Arrow.

Horns: 40" at 18 months - laid back with a twist!

SOLD to Dr. Gary Briers for first-calf heifers.  We
have an option to re-purchase him later.

Echo's Arrowhead { Emperor's Echo  { Emperor { Overwhelmer
Ranger's Measles
Country Girl { Tri-W Broken Arrow
Jay's Girl 
Friday Night Baby { Tri-W Broken Arrow { Texas Ranger JP
Kyzer 2
Resevoir Ranch 18 { Billy the Kid 100
Cuerna Larga 517

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