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Outstanding Herd Sires Make the Difference!

Rafter H Longhorns now owns two exceptional herd sires that complement each other quite well.  Both have good conformation and tremendous total horn.  In addition we are using one of Echo's sons as a junior herd sire.  With our modest-sized set of cows, we have the ability to offer pasture breeding or partnership opportunites to other dedicated Texas Longhorn breeders.  Contact us about your interests.

Emperor's Echo

Echo 5-24-04s.jpg (90593 bytes) DOB: March 11, 1998 

Breeder: El Coyote Ranch 

Owner: Rafter H Longhorns 

Picture: May 24, 2004 
At home in the Bull Meadow 

An El Coyote-raised Emperor Son
2002 TLBAA Horn Showcase - Class 6 (born 1998) Total Horn Champion

Echo was bred and raised by El Coyote Ranch.  He was exhibited at the 1999 TLBAA World Show and Exposition and was World Class Champion in the TLBT National Youth Show.  After a short period as a Junior Herd Sire at El Coyote, he was consigned to the 2001 Eddie Woods Fall Sale where we purchased him.  He has size, conformation, color,  horns, and a great disposition.  It is difficult to appreciate the extent of his horns in a picture because of his body size (weight - 2055 lbs) and horn curvature like his sire and grandsire (Emperor and Overwhelmer).

His calves uniformly have size, color, and conformation.  They have great length of body and body depth that carries through the flank.

Emperor's Echo { Emperor  { Overwhelmer  { Cowcatcher
Doherty 698
Ranger's Measles { Texas Ranger JP
Measles 2849
Country Girl { Tri-W Broken Arrow { Texas Ranger JP
Kyzer 2
Jay's Girl  { Doherty's Red Man
FJD Alexa

A good herd-sire should have maternal strength.  Echo gets his from a great mother cow, Country Girl, a Tri-W Broken Arrow daughter raised by El Coyote Ranch.  Country Girl is also the dam of a current El Coyote junior herd sire, Houston Solution (See ad in Sept.  '04 Texas Longhorn Trails).  Country Girl is now in an embryo program at SK Ranch in Fort Worth.

C337CountryGirl.jpg (25777 bytes)  

Current Owner: S/K Ranch 

Tri-W-Broken Arrow x Jay's Girl

Picture: 2002 
Thanks to Mel Raley and El
Coyote ranch for this picture

barbwire2.gif (3163 bytes)

Refuge Chex

Refuge Chex 5-24-04.jpg (24379 bytes) DOB: January 9, 2001 

Breeder: Loomis Longhorns 

Owner: Rafter H Longhorns 

Picture: May 24, 2004 
At El Coyote Ranch.  Thanks
to Shanna Raley and El Coyote
for this picture. 

A Bob Loomis-bred Coach Son

Refuge Chex was bred  by Loomis Longhorns and purchased as a yearling by El Coyote Ranch. He was used as a Junior Herd Sire at El Coyote for two years, where we purchased him in 2004.  He had over 50" of TTT horn at two years of age and has outstanding total horn for a 3 year old.  He is a Butler-blend bull with good size and great conformation.  We will be using him on our big and tall Echo heifers as well as some of our foundation females.  Look for this exciting blend of Butler and Emperor genetics from Rafter H Longhorns in the near future.

Refuge Chex { Coach  { Don Juan of Christine  { Classic
Holman #1
Miss Redmac 256 { Classic
Graves 68
Double L Refuge 214 { WR 658 { WR 323
WR 2571
Dos Rios Refuge  { WR 499
WR 353

Refuge Chex's dam is a straight WR cow with over 60" of horn and multiple progeny over 60".

Double L Refuge.jpg (105413 bytes) DOB:  

Owner: Loomis Longhorns 


Picture:June, 2004 
At Loomis Ranch. 

RHL Switch Hitter

Thanks to Stephen and Kim Head for purchasing a half-interest in Switch Hitter.

Switch Hitter 6-22-05.jpg (43642 bytes) Name: RHL Echo's Switch Hitter

DOB: March 16, 2003 

Sire: Emperor's Echo 

Dam: RHL Hitter Miss
A young light red brindle cow with flat twist horns
out of Heavy Hitter (the bull with the longest
official tip-to-tip measurement in the breed)!

Picture: June 22, 2005 
Very long and tall.  Note depth carried through flank
and hip.

53" TTT horn, 1500 lbs, and over 5-ft hip height at 26 months!
His TTT projects to be in upper 60's at maturity.

This March 2003 bull has a powerful combination of Overwhelmer and G-Man genetics.  The dams in his pedigree - Ranger's Measles, Country Girl, OR Cotton Candy, GF Candy Apple, and RHL Hitter Miss all have twist horns as well as size and conformation.  An outstanding prospect with size, conformation, color and horn!  We used Switch Hitter on a few heifers that calved in May 2005 and are breeding him to a larger number this Spring.  His initial set of calves all have his dramatic color pattern!  See our 2005 Heifer page.

Echo's Switch Hitter { Emperor's Echo  { Emperor { Overwhelmer
Ranger's Measles
Country Girl { Tri-W Broken Arrow
Jay's Girl 
RHL Hitter Miss { GF Heavy Hitter { GF G-Man
Inez of El Campo
GF Candy Apple { Joker's Wild
OR Cotton Candy

Switch Hitter's dam is a large-bodied brindle Heavy Hitter daughter with flat twist horns.

Missy 10-29-04.jpg (26117 bytes)

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