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TLBAA - Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America - The oldest and largest registry for registered Texas Longhorn cattle.  Sponsors a variety of activities that are useful to all longhorn enthusiasts.

Texas Longhorn Breeders - Gulf Coast Association - An active TLBAA Regional Affiliate organization.


El Coyote Ranch - Thanks to El Coyote Ranch for the opportunity to purchase our herd sires, Emperor's Echo and Refuge Chex.   Mel Raley provided some invaluable advice for our program.  Take a look at Houston Solution on their Herd Sire page.  He is out of Echo's dam, Country Girl.  They also have a Country Girl son, Straight Shooter, on their sale page.  

Hudson Longhorns - A new breeder with a great set of cattle.  Bill Hudson purchased Laura's Reserve Grand Champion Trophy Steer, Spirit of Aggieland, at the 2003 Horn Showcase Sale as his first trophy steer.  He now has a number of great steers in his new steer pastures including two younger steers, Maroon Out and RHL Red River, that he purchased from Rafter H Longhorns.

Double H Longhorns - Thanks to Stephen and Kim Head for purchase of half-interest in RHL Switch Hitter.  He's turning into an outstanding young herd sire.  Look for Kathryn and Matthew to be showing some of his progeny in the future.

Prairie Bluff Cattle Company - A growing herd in Alabama owned by Billy, Amelia, and Barret Smith.   Take a look at CK Lib's Rangerette purchased from Rafter H Longhorns at the 2005 Horn Showcase sale.  We have a Jan. '05 daughter out of Emperor's Echo (RHL Echo's Elizabeth) that Laura will be showing this year.

Lazy JP Ranch - Another Texas Longhorn program with an 'Aggie' Connection.  Take a look at the older full sister to Laura's Tri-W Bon Bon, Tri-W In Memory Bonfire '99.

Bolen Longhorns - Thanks to Brent and Cindy Bolen for donating a young steer to Laura through the Ark-La-Tex Affiliate.  Spirit of Aggieland was 2002 World Reserve Grand Champion Trophy Steer at just over 3 years of age.  Take a look at an older picture of him on our "Steer" page.  

Star Creek Ranch - Thanks to Darlene Aldridge for providing us with great A.I. services.  Darlene and John have moved out of Houston into our neighborhood.  Welcome to the 'hood.

Lonsome Pines Ranch - John and Christy have been of great assistance and inspiration in our show circuit efforts.  We bred our first three Echo heifers to Turbo Jet, and obtained three great January '05 heifers.  Laura will be showing at least two of these heifers this year.

Anderson Ranch - A Butler Longhorn breeder whose cattle are only a few miles from ours.  Take a look at their MF TNT cow.   Thanks to Frank Anderson for donating a Condor daughter to Laura.  Our newest bull purchase is a son of Coach, an Anderson-bred bull.

Double Helix Ranch - Includes technical information on cattle genetics.  The section on Texas Longhorn color patterns is very interesting.  Also has a good listing of reference cattle if you want info about some classic bulls or cows.

Triple-T-Longhorns - The website for Trigg and Tracy Moore's longhorns and cattle services.

Bella Rio Ranch - Texas Longhorns-Italian Style.  Matt Vizza currently owns Senaranger, the dam of our black Headliner daughter.

Diamond H Longhorns - The Halls have an interesting site with their story of training a couple of riding steers including.

Texas Longhorn Riders - Pictures of numerous Texas Longhorn riding steers including pictures of Laura on Ol' Sarge. 

Quail Ridge Ranch - Tom and Mary Beth Peoples have a fine set of cattle with a number of show champions in the herd.

A Splash of Color Longhorns - Kay and Ted Roush sell a lot of cattle from their website.

Double R Cattle Company - A new Longhorn Ranch near Alice, Texas.


WW Longhorn Chute - This chute has the following advantages over "The Longhorn Chute": a) Portable - it disassembles into individual gate panels that can be moved by two people and a trailer; b) Headgate - it has a headgate that can be used with young animals for better restraint (we turn older cows the other direction and the gate works as the entrance gate for palpation); c) Visibility - all sides are gates with no dead walls; easier to head cattle either direction; d) Cost - it is significantly less expensive.  It is available in both 10' and 12' versions; the 10' version is plenty big enough.  Can be ordered from any dealer that handles WW gates and panels (the heavy duty panels found at many show or sale facilities).  We purchased ours directly from Thornell's WW Distributing Co. in Hillsboro, Texas.  The chute has four anchor holes that could be used to bolt the chute on a permanent foundation.  Since we are placing the chute on bare ground, we drive four 4' grounding rods through the holes to anchor the chute in place and keep the big bull from knocking it out of square!

Bloomer Trailers - They now only make custom-built horse trailers.  Thanks to Bob Dube, we have a nicely customized example of one of their aluminum stock trailers made in 2000.  The best modification Bob made was installing a 1/8" plywood ceiling.  This not only prevents a cow or steer putting dents (or holes, I've seen them) in the roof, it also acts to stop the heat radiating from the hot roof in the summer sun.  Thanks, Bobby.

LonghornMax - A great software program for keeping all herd records by CattleSoft Inc.  A local company.

Bovine Elite - Semen storage, A.I. equipment, large stock of Texas Longhorn semen, and A.I./Palpation clinics.  Tammy just completed the A.I./Palpation course in July 2004.  Another local enterprise!

Gallagher Smart Scales - We decided we needed to be able to obtain weights of our calves at weaning, yearling, etc.  We purchased a set of Gallagher Alleyway bars and the simple SmartScale 200 indicator.  Since we had to use the scale in our WWW Longhorn chute (no suitable alleyway in our current pen setup), we use a platform without sides.  We purchased the load bars and indicator from our local Producer's Coop.  Use Gallagher's store locator to find a dealer near you.



History of Texas Longhorns - A link to a page on TLBAA website.

Another History of Longhorn Cattle - A link to a page from the Handbook of Texas Online on the Red River Authority of Texas Website. Includes number of cross-links.

Why Texas Longhorns? - An informational page from the TLBAA website on the utility of Texas Longhorn cattle.

Halter-breaking Texas Longhorns - An article by John T. Baker on his Touch and Talk approach to training and halter-breaking cattle.


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