Rafter H Longhorns- Raising Trophy-winning Trophy Steers

Rafter H Longhorns has demonstrated abilities in choosing, producing, and raising high quality Texas Longhorn Trophy Steers.  Our initial objective was to have young steers for Laura to exhibit on the show circuit.  We have kept some of these steers until they are now true front-pasture trophy steers.  Some of them will need to move on to other pastures to give Laura room for younger steers.  Give us a call.

Ol' Sarge - FW Stock Show '04.jpg (22739 bytes)

Ol' Sarge - Wimberley 4th 2004.jpg (36901 bytes)

Name: Ol' Sarge SH 13-0

DOB: Nov. 3, 1999 

Sire: SW Big Max 
Dam: Idella 

Horns: Over 70" TTT on 7/23/2005
             Over 85.5" total on 5/19/2004

Laura's riding steer.  Purchased as a weanling for Laura to halter-break
at her first Sunrise Showmanship Camp. 

Top Picture: January 2004.  Fort Worth Stock Show - Junior Champion Trophy 

Bottom Picture: Laura on Ol' Sarge in July 2004 at the Wimberley, Texas July 4th parade.


Geronimo 10-29-04.jpg (33307 bytes) Name:  RHL Geronimo's Cadillac

DOB: Dec. 7, 2001 

Sire: SW Big Max
Dam: Friday Night Baby 

Horns: 54.25" TTT on 5/17/2005; over 60" total horn

Picture: Oct. 2004

"G-Mo" is a half-brother to Ol' Sarge. He is now being saddle-broke to be a
companion riding steer for Ol' Sarge.

Kiki 2-20-05.jpg (55693 bytes) Name: Echo's Sidekick (Kiki)

DOB: May 12, 2003 

Sire: Emperor's Echo 

Dam: Sprinkes 606
A tri-color spotted brindle cow with great conformation and twist horns!

Horns: Over 43" TTT on 5/17/2005

Picture: Feb. 22, 2005

Colorful brindle steer with lateral horns.  Halter-broke.  Good riding steer
prospect - we don't have time to work with him.  Give us a call

Price: Contact us.

Hullabaloo 10-12-04.jpg (23158 bytes) Name: Hullabaloo

DOB: Feb. 13, 2004 

Sire: SW Big Max
Same Sire as Ol' Sarge and Geronimo's Cadillac above. 
Purchased from Fehu Cattle Services. 

Horns: 41 5/8 on May 17, 2005 at 15 months!

Picture: October 12, 2004

Growthy, colorful brindle steer with lateral horns.  Laura's
newest show steer.  He placed FIRST in class at his first 4 shows! 
Won his class at World Show.

Not for Sale at this time.

Rootin' Tootin' 6-19-05.jpg (81799 bytes) Name: RHL Rootin' Tootin'

DOB: Feb. 13, 2004 

Sire: Little Ace Lobo

Dam: High Falootin BCB

Picture: June 10, 2005

Colorful lacey faced steer with lateral horns.  Purchased as
calf at side from Bolen Longhorns.  Laura's youngest show steer.

Not for Sale at this time.

Broadway Joe - Aug 2004s.jpg (27897 bytes)


Name:  Broadway (Joe)

DOB: April 14, 2002

Sire: Manhatten's Main Man SVR
Dam: Sprinkles 606

Picture: August 2004

We donated"Joe" as a weanling bull to the Ark-La-Tex TLBAA
affiliate for their steer donations to youth showing at their fall show. 
He was raised and shown by Matthew Head and is now for sale.

FOR SALE!  Contact Matthew at

Rafter-H Steers that have been SOLD as Trophy Steers

Jake-WorldShow2003-b.jpg (369956 bytes)

Thanks to Brent and Cynthia Bolen (Bolen Longhorns) for
donating this steer to Laura through the Ark-La-Tex Texas
Longhorn Breeders Affiliate.

Name: Spirit of Aggieland            

DOB: April 24, 2000 

Sire: Illusion 
Dam: Bit O'Class 

Horns: 66.75" TTT and 79.38" TH on 9/6/03!
Picture: June 2003 at TLBAA World Show.  "Jake" was named
World Class Champion, World Junior Champion, and World
Reserve Grand Champion at just over 3 years of age.

SOLD at 2003 TLBAA Horn Showcase Sale!  Thanks to
Hudson Longhorns for purchasing Laura's steer.

Maroon Out 3-19-04.jpg (21666 bytes) Name: Maroon Out                   

DOB: July 21, 2001 

Sire: Dode's Bluboy FM884 
Dam: Serenade 53/8 

Horns: Over 54" TTT and over 67.5" total horn on 5/19/2004
Picture: March 2004.  Deep Maroon with frosty face and rear.

Sold at 2004 Best of Texas Sale
'Mo' is now hanging out with his old buddy, 'Jake', in the
Hudson Longhorns steer pasture!

Laura and Bill Hudson - Jake and Mo.jpg (20002 bytes)

Here is a picture of Laura and Bill Hudson with Spirit of Aggieland and Maroon Out
in the Hudson Trophy Steer pasture in July 2004!

Michael Archangel 6-15-03.jpg (48302 bytes)

Thanks to Bar M Ranch (Bart Milsap) for donating this
steer to Laura through the Ark-La-Tex Texas Longhorn
Breeders Affiliate.

Name:  Bar M Michael Archangel

DOB: April 15, 2002

Sire: Long Distance
Dam: CV Lil Streaker 

Picture: June 2003

"Mikey" is a beautiful tri-color brindle steer.
Very gentle.

SOLD  He is now colorful pasture companion/protector
to a group of commercial heifers.

Petey2 4-12-04s.jpg (35331 bytes) Name: Pete 8/3

DOB: May 7, 2003 

Sire: Emperor's Echo 

Dam: SR Arch's Investment 042
A young Phenomenal Archie granddaughter.

Horns: 26" TTT on 5/18/2004

Picture: April 12, 2004
Look at his paint job!  Horns pointing back with a twist
already starting.

SOLD.  Pete was purchased by 2-year old Austin L.
to be a companion for his parents' commercial cows.

Excalibur  3-28-04.jpg (21595 bytes) Name: RHL Excalibur

DOB: July 7, 2003 

Sire: Emperor's Echo 

Dam: Sunrise Sorceress

Picture: March 28, 2004
A nice young steer that will make a gentle pasture steer.

SOLD He now has his own small pasture in northeast texas.

Muy Pecoso 10-12-04.jpg (33365 bytes) Name: Doc Holliday

DOB: May 1, 2004 

Sire: Emperor's Echo 

Dam: Sprinkes 606
A tri-color spotted brindle cow with great conformation
and twist horns!

A full brother to Kiki above!  He is going to be a growthy
steer with great conformation.

Picture: October, 2004

SOLD!  He went to San Angelo
and is being trained as a riding steer by the Halls.

Midnight Yell 8-7-04.jpg (30750 bytes) Name:  RHL Midnight Yell

DOB: Jan. 18, 2003 

Sire: Emperor's Echo
Dam: RCR Bingo Libby 

Horns: 47.25" TTT on May 18, 2005 (horns are lateral and black)
Picture: August 2004

Thanks to Bobby Dube for arranging the sale of Midnight Yell
as a trophy steer.

Red River 10-24-04.jpg (28033 bytes)

Name:  RHL Red River

DOB: July 11, 2002 

Sire: D Bar S Sunset
Dam: Rio Hood R-G 

Horns: Over 62" TTT on 5/18/2005 34 months of age

Picture: October 2004

Red River is big bodied with a huge horn base.  He was World Class Champion
at 2003 and 2004 TLBT National Youth Shows and was Grand Champion Youth Steerat the 2004 Star of Texas Fair.  He won his class in EVERY show to which
he was taken as a youth steer!!

Red River has had initial training with saddle to become a riding steer.


He will join Spirit of Aggieland and Maroon Out in the Hudson steer pasture!

In addition to the steers shown above, two Rafter H calves were purchased to be included in the new El Coyote herd of steers on their Rio Bravo Ranch.  Two of our very first bull calves were sold to John. T. Baker to become steers at Sunrise Ranch.

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