How To Run An Excellent Cattle Farm

Running a cattle farm is not a piece of cake. It takes a lot of energy, time and effort to succeed in this business. Now, it does not matter if your aim is to produce beef, milk or both. What matters is that you run your farm the right way so that you optimize yield and minimize cost. To ensure that you run a successful operation, you should consider dust suppression in the summer and even cross-breeding your cattle to get the perfect animals.

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Longhorn Cow Breeds 

You cannot succeed as cattle breeder or cattle owner if you don't own and use Longhorn cattle. The Texas Longhorn is one of the most popular breeds out there. This animal is the parent breed of all the Longhorn types. Among other excellent qualities, this breed is tough, has a peaceful temperament and can give you both milk and meat. It is resistant to bovine diseases and can survive on sparse vegetation. The only drawback is that this breed is not very large and this is why it is usually crossed with much bigger breeds.

The Geltex

This breed is a combination of the Texas Longhorn and the Gelbvieh. The Geltex was created by a breeder called Dr. Gillepsie and the am of this breeder was to improve the beef industry. This is because this breed combines the hardiness and the reproductive ability of the Texas Longhorn with the huge size of the Gelbvieh. The result was a fast-growing breed with the ability to produce a large supply of beef.

The Salorn

This breed is a combination of the Texas Longhorn and the French Saler. This improved breed gives you two things: the high-quality meat of the French Saler and the adaptability of the Texas Longhorn. This breed is relatively easy to raise and can adapt to many environments around the world.   

The Texon

This breed is a combination of the Texas Longhorn and the Devon breed. Breeders use this combination to create an animal that can provide top quality meat like the Devon and can graze on poor land like the Texas Longhorn.

Managing Dust in a Cattle Farm

One thing you should worry about in a cattle farm is the dust. This especially true during the summer months when the weather is dry and often dusty. You can reduce dust by sprinkling a bit of water on the grounds of your farm. You can also plant grass around most of the empty spaces in your farm. Keeping this carpet of wet grass moist will definitely reduce dust. In addition, an excellent farm manager should take innovative steps to control insects and smells in the farm.

Finally, it pays to keep your cows cool as much you can. This is because cool cows will give you much more milk. Some farmers even go all out to house their cows in air-conditioned cattle quarters and this is a very smart move. Do the right thing. Take care of your cattle and they will give you plenty of milk and beef.